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Tuva cutlery

Since the launch in 2009, Tuva cutlery has become one of the most bought cutlery, both in Norway and in Sweden.


Cutlery is used every day but different people hold their cutlery in different ways. Not all cutlery is suitable for people with varying hand sizes or grip strength. The aim was to design attractive, new cutlery that could be suitable for a wider range of people by making it easier to handle.

"I think curiosity about the user is important when you work as a designer."

Industrial designer Per Finne


− Lead users: Children, older people with reduced grip ability and people with physical difficulties as well as adult users without special needs.
− Initial methods: Interviews with different lead users to build up background information in addition to previous obtained user information on cutlery.
− Additional methods: Controlled and natural observation in different contexts looking at how people use their knife, spoon and fork. Study of the placement of the cutlery in the hand and how each individual used their fingers.
− Evaluation: Based on the insights from the interviews and observations, sketch models were prepared and tested with a selection of lead users. This was conducted as one to one interviews between the user and the designer, taking place in the users’ homes and at the designer’s house.

"Design is largely a question of finding the best possible compromise between form, technology and function. We try to think differently. If you want to get ahead, you have to set your sights accordingly."

Industrial designer Per Finne


The final concept was hollowhandled cutlery welded together from two parts resulting in a fuller balanced grip with outcompromising the weight or use of material. The cutlery can be gripped in a number of different ways making it easier for people with reduced mobility and grip strength to use. By following a user-driven approach throughout the design process it was possible to create aesthetic cutlery that is suitable as a wedding gift but equally, can be used by everyone. During the first year Tuva was launched, the manufacturer sold over 100,000 items, 100% over the budgeted sales figures and has since been a bestseller with a solid position in the market.

It's really gone from strength to strength, with Tuva's sales figures almost doubling each year. Design is important to Hardanger Bestikk. We believe in quality as a brand and want to create beautiful, innovative products that are functional for the largest possible number of people," says Rune Leikvoll.

"We've always tried to be innovative, in terms of technology, aesthetics and function."

Rune Leikvoll, owner and managing director of Hardanger Bestikk.